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This includes the largest number of motorway fuel sites in the UK. Your drivers can also fill up at Texaco, Gulf and Esso stations that display the BP acceptance sign taking the total number of stations to over 3,400.

  • Any additional charges such as waiting time or amendments to your journey will be taken after your journey has been completed.
  • For full terms and conditions, covering courier service cancellation, visit ourTerms and Conditions.
  • In this case you can contact your driver directly using their mobile number provided in the mobile app and SMS message or call our At Your Service Centre on to talk through your required changes.
  • The drivers will sometimes incur charges linked to parking and in these cases, we pass these charges on to our customers.

It is not possible to go directly from category B to category C1E. Category B is a vehicle up to 3500kgs MAM with up to 8 passenger seats and is the category obtained by passing a car practical driving test. Looking at factors such as speed, smooth driving (acceleration/braking), roads you drive on, length of journey and time of day. Some people mistakenly refer to international driving permits as ‘international driving licences’. However, there is no such thing as an international driving licence – they are not legally recognised – so don’t be fooled into buying one, as they are not worth the paper they are printed on.

Beware websites selling ‘international driving licences’ – these aren’t legally recognised documents, so don’t get caught out. It doesn’t replace a driving licence though, as you’ll need to show both when required. They come in booklet format, and contain several translations of your driving licence.

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There are three types, known as the 1926, 1949 and 1968 Conventions, and they’re all the same price. In spite of Brexit, in most cases you don’t need an international driving permit to drive in European Union countries. But if you’re planning a road trip further afield, you should check if you’ll need one. To get a green card you’ll need to contact your insurer before you travel. It’ll send you a green card, and you need to carry the physical document with you when driving on the Continent.

You can add as many fuel cards as you like to the BPme account. However, a fuel card can be associated with only one BPme account at any time and cannot be added to multiple accounts. This will enable them to purchase other vehicle-related goods from the shop as allowed on their fuel card, as well as access cross acceptance partners which still require the physical card. For the actual fuel purchase there are similar checks as physical card transactions. In fact, with the BP + Aral Card we offer a huge network spanning 22,000 sites in HP photosmart 7520 driver 29 countries. Your drivers can use all BP sites in Europe plus every station in the ROUTEX network, including ARAL, Total, Eni, OMV and Circle K Fuel and Retail. The BP network offers over 1,200 BP sites, including around 70 motorway stations and more than 900 ‘A’ road sites.

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The photocard part of a driving licence is generally valid for a period of up to ten years whereas driving licence expiry is generally at age 45 and/or 70 depending on type of licence. When driving a minibus under these conditions you may not receive any payment or consideration for doing so other than out of pocket expenses or tow any size trailer; you may only drive minibuses in this country. Drivers aged 70 or over will need to make a special application, which involves meeting higher medical standards. Drivers who passed their car test before 1 January 1997 normally will also have category D1E entitlement but they cannot drive this category of vehicle for hire or reward. Hire or reward generally means any payment in cash or kind made by or on behalf of passengers that gives them the right to be carried in a vehicle. Drivers who passed their car test before 1 January 1997 normally will also have category D1 entitlement but they cannot drive this category of vehicle for hire or reward. Drivers who passed their car test after 1 January 1997 will to have to pass further tests – Category C1 followed by C1E practical.

Green cards are free, but insurers may charge an admin fee when issuing them. But now before you go you’ll need to get an insurance ‘green card’– an international certificate issued by insurance providers in the UK guaranteeing the bearer has the necessary minimum levelof third-party cover . If you’re only changing your personal details, the photocard’s renewal date won’t be updated. While it’s free to change your personal details, if you decide to include a new photo to renew your photocard at the same time, this will still cost £14 online, or £17 by post. But if you’re only updating your name or gender, you don’t need to send a new photo unless your previous photo has expired. As with address updates, handily there’s no limit to the number of times you can update your name for free.

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Fuel cards enable businesses of any size to buy petrol, diesel and other products at various service station networks. Depending on the amount of fuel your company needs, you can often make significant savings on the advertised pump price.

A tachograph is a recording device fitted to a vehicle that is capable of recording details of vehicle speed, distance covered and driver duty and rest during a given period. You don’t need Driver CPC if you are driving a vehicle for non-commerical carriage of passengers or goods for personal use.

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